The Annual Report Comes Alive

Annual report. The phrase alone brings to mind a dry, static, fact-driven, lifeless document. Which is a shame, given that by definition it should directly reflect not just the latest performance and progress of a company but it’s unchanging personality, soul and ethos.

The ‘big story’ that Stanley, Black & Decker had to tell was nothing less than a global transformation, that news was central to the story Tribe crafted in the “Stanley, Black & Decker: Year-In-Review” video annual report. The challenge was to capture its epic nature, while demonstrating the tangible, human elements of SB&D’s strategy.

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  1. Stanley Black & Decker - The Promise of Emerging Markets (job5056) [FINAL LINK]


    Tribe believes that at the core of any great story you will find engaging people. Here this was played out on an international scale. Tribe’s challenge was to connect with this large cast of employees around the globe and create an opportunity for them to connect with the film’s audience.

    As Tribe knows from vast experience, executing a moving, human story often requires a surprising level of tactical, technical and logistical detail and production expertise. In this case, Tribe conducted 18 interviews over 11 shoot days, filming in 5 cities in 4 different countries. To keep the production costs reasonable we conducted all executive interviews at Stanley, Black & Decker’s strategy conference in Key Biscayne, Florida.

  2. Stanley Black & Decker - Global DNA (job5056) [FINAL LINK]


    We needed to infuse the corporate story with the humanity, integrity, and sincerity of the brand.

    By utilizing the extensive video library of SB&D footage from previous productions, Tribe was able to save additional costs without sacrificing story for the Brazilian, European, Asian and North American markets. But what about the new design center in Pune, India? The major operations in Shanghai and Suzhou, China? And don’t forget the central hub distribution center in Dubai!

  3. Stanley Black & Decker - Global Reach, Global Distribution (job5056) [FINAL LINK]


    Time to call in the reinforcements; this was a job for Tribe’s globally connected network of production pros. Namely the International Quorum of Independent Motion Picture Producers (IQ); a network of trusted partners from 69 distinguished film production companies lead by Vern Oakley, its current President, and Tribe's CEO and Executive Creative Director.

    IQ member Sebastian Cardemil, based in Quito, Ecuador directed the global productions and oversaw post-production graphics. Common Communications Co. Ltd. in China, Alchemy Films in Dubai, and Nomad Films in India were all enlisted for the production as well. In the end, to bring this human story to life, Tribe ended up managing and coordinating five separate international production teams.

  4. Stanley Black & Decker - Design and Build In Country (job5056) [FINAL LINK]


    The footage is beautiful. The editing room is prepped. One final challenge remained. In the end, the video needed to be seamlessly experienced on mobile and tablet platforms to reach a fullest possible audience.

    To keep audiences engaged and to deliver the story in a mobile-friendly package, Tribe created a new creative organizing strategy to tell SB&D’s story in four parts.

    Ideas on Purpose, Tribe’s partner web design firm, crafted an exceptional website design, streaming HD video for the web. This story would move its audience whether viewed in a boardroom, on a flat screen, laptop, iPad or smartphone.